Good Morning August 7

There was a bombing at a mosque in Minneapolis this past weekend. They have not yet found the person who did it or the reason. Unfortunately, it is just one more attack on a faith community. You know, if you have read my Good Mornings for any length of time, that I am a conservative Christian. I don’t agree with Islamic theology. I think there is much that is in error. But I also  think it is my responsibility  to condemn such violent acts in the strongest of terms. I would also condemn those Christians who would take it upon themselves to do physical harm to persons or property at an abortion clinic, even though I am strongly pro life. I would also include acts of harm against those of the LGBT community as wrong even though I believe such lifestyles are contrary to God’s will for mankind. I believe that faith in Jesus Christ as the divine Son of God is superior to all other faiths, and is the way to the life for which we were created. But I am not going to evangelize by seeking to harm anyone else either physically or emotionally. I would hope that all people of sincere faith would condemn such acts. My task is to help other see and want to draw near to the God I serve. And that is not done with animosity.