Good Morning August 25

Our little grandson is learning to do many things. He’s come up with the expression “I do it myself”. He says it in a very emphatic way, and if one does something for him that he wanted to do himself he gets very angry. He will grow and learn to curb his anger, but it strikes me that this is a good picture of original sin. God created man and woman. He put them in a Garden giving them all they needed for the best of life. But the devil said to them, “You can do better.  You can have more.  You will not die. You can even be like God” And man said, “I will do it myself”.  So, instead of yielding to the wisdom of our gracious Lord, we do it ourselves. When we do something for our grandson it is often to keep him from hurting himself which he would do if he tried to do it himself.  There are some things that he is just not ready to do by himself.  Unfortunately, mankind has not learned that, and we are living with many of the visible results of demanding to do it ourselves. We really should recognize that there are some things we should not do ourselves, and trust the One who has far more wisdom than we do.