Good Morning December 5

Symbols are important. Those who are married wear a wedding ring, a reminder of the unending covenant made with their spouse. I have symbols all around my office in objects and pictures that remind me of significant parts of my life. Our church is full of symbols in stained glass and in wood that underline the truths of our faith. These are all visible reminders of a deeper truth.  There is one symbol under which we all live. It is the cross of Christ. Whether you wear it as a little metal piece on a chain around your neck, notice it as you enter the church building, or perhaps don’t see it visibly at all, it is still there. For you who have come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ it is the source and content of life. For those who have not, it still stands as the turning point of all human history, and a truth that requires a decision. Symbols surround us all the time, but this one symbol, the cross of Jesus Christ, is the mark upon all life.