Good Morning December 8

One of our members was a blacksmith. There are several items of his metal creations around our church, as well as our strong handrails on the outside steps.  His home was filled with many pieces of his work. Bill would use the expression, “everything works better with a little iron on it”. I thought of that yesterday as I was putting a small cross over the back entrance to our church building. Everything works better with a cross on it. Bill had a cross on his life and is now with the Lord. For a Christian the cross defines who we. The cross is our source of forgiveness, righteousness, peace before God. It is at the cross we learn to fear and love God. It is with the sign of the cross on our lives that we want to look beyond ourselves, our own comforts, to the care and needs of others. It was at the cross that the Son of God defeated the power of sin, death, and the devil. Life grows as God intended when one comes to the foot of the cross, and yields to the Saviour whose love for each of us put Him there.