Good Morning January 10

I have had times of being a little hungry or thirsty, but I have never been in any extreme need for food or drink. It would do me good to go without for a bit, but that’s another issue. Jesus was up on the mountain side speaking to His followers with the words we call the Beatitudes, the Blesseds. In His fourth point He said,”blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied”.(Matthew 5:6) The object of the hunger here is righteousness, and this hunger is not just a mild desire to eat, but more of a sense of being famished. Do we hunger, need, urgently long for, the perfect righteousness of God? And not just for some personal satisfaction, but a true longing that all people know the good and perfect righteousness of our heavenly Father. This is the righteousness found at the cross, and then reflected in our lives to others. It is this hunger that truly changes things for the better, and Jesus promises that we shall be satisfied.

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