Good Morning February 14

Today is an interesting combination of designations. It is Ash Wednesday, and it is also Valentine’s Day. One sacred and one secular. But thinking about them both as God’s gifts, they do emphasize a depth of love God intended for the people of His creation. Valentine’s Day emphasizes romantic love. Within its right boundaries romantic love is a wonderful bond given to a man and woman in the covenant bond of marriage. Ash Wednesday begins the Lenten Season sharing again the depth of love God has for mankind in providing the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ for our cleansing from sin, and the restoration of our relationship with God.  Love, true love that is willing to sacrifice for the good of the beloved, is displayed in both the secular and the sacred expressions of this day. So if you receive a Valentine’s card, or the cross made with ashes on your forehead, know that the true and only source of love is from the One who gave His life for you.