Good Morning February 23

Years ago my mother worked for a lawyer whose office was next door to a Kirby vacuum cleaner sales office. Every morning around 8AM my Mom could hear the Kirby sales staff gather for a pep rally. They would sing Kirby songs, chant slogans about how great Kirby was. Then they were sent out to sell vacuum cleaners. As far as Kirby was concerned each sales person was just another cog in the machine to make the company money. But these sales people were individuals doing their best to make a good life for themselves. In a world where the dollar is too often the bottom line it becomes easy for people to get lost in the flow. A few years ago one of my brother pastors got me in the habit of looking at the name tags on people that serve us, the waiter or waitress in a restaurant, the clerk at the food store, and so forth. And then using their name, thanking them for the service, or wishing them a good day. A simple thing, not of great importance, but it does say to that person, “You are a valuable individual. I appreciate your help.” God crated mankind, but He did it by knowing and intentionally creating each individual – creating, loving, caring about, and even dying for you. That is a great message we can also share in many simple ways.