Good Morning May 29

In the four Old Testament books called the wisdom literature, Job through Ecclesiastes, the word “wisdom” is used 103 times. We are in an age that has increased many fold in knowledge. Through the internet we have unprecedented access to information on all kinds of subjects. Unfortunately the internet does not give us wisdom. Some of those working in the highly advanced fields of study are beginning to ask the question – “Just because we can do something, should we do it?”  That question can only be answered by seeking wisdom, and Scripture teaches that the source of wisdom is in the Lord. To seek that wisdom one must be willing to humble themselves before the Lord, and read and meditate upon His Word. A culture that exalts knowledge, and rejects the Lord is a culture that will destroy itself. So whether we are a researcher deeply involved in an advanced project, or just an average person trying to get through our day, we need the wisdom only our gracious Lord can give.