Good Morning July 12

Paul had a special relationship with the younger man Timothy. Paul was his spiritual father. This is an important function in a young persons life. It is a position of “bringing the younger one up in the truth of the faith and of good teaching”.(I Timothy 4:6) This is, of course, a duty of biological fathers, but sometimes there is also a mature Christian believer in one’s life from whom we especially learn and grow in the grace of God. It is more than just having a teacher we like. It is someone with a special level of maturity in the faith, and insight into God’s truths. Spiritual fathers are not flawless. All are sinful beings. Yet God can use them in another’s life for progress in spiritual maturity.  It is not a position one claims or aspires to, but rather that is humbly accepted and carefully use in the grace God supplies. We are all called to “teach and admonish” one another.(Colossians 3:16) But some relationship are special, and in those we are able to grow more deeply in the faith.