Good Morning July 16

Angles are interesting. When one flies over the mid-west looking out at the farm fields everything is in perfect squares or rectangles. This is very efficient, and easy to drive around. It is not so in the east. There are all kinds of curves, and angles to the roads and fields. I must admit I find the squares and rectangles rather boring. Just the same as I miss the hills and valleys when I get out to the flatter lands. As far as the land is concerned, it’s all good. God gave us all of this for our benefit. It just reminds me that God in into variety, beauty, and many interesting things. If God had wanted to give us some pretty flowers He could have created a few, or a dozen or two. But He made many thousands, all different, many beautiful, some even whimsical. I learned yesterday that there are over 3000 kinds of mosquitoes! Angles are interesting, so are curves, squares, not to mention color variations in each thing we see. It is God’s gift of beauty and life. Look around and let it all return to our Father in praise.