Good Morning August 3

I complained a bit the other day about the pace of technological changes that amaze, and sometimes overwhelm me. But I do use and appreciate a number of them. I am especially reminded of this with our ability to communicate instantaneously on a global level. This morning I read just posted reports from churches in Europe. I am in regular contact with a church in East Africa with whom I’ve made a number of friends. I’ve gotten responses to these messages from numerous Christians around the world. The technology has allowed us to share with and support Christian brothers and sisters worldwide. It gives a much deeper perspective on the Body of Christ beyond the local congregation, or even our national denomination. We are a real part of other Christians whose lives and circumstances are vastly different from ours, yet in the faith and in prayer we are a part of one another. Four millennia ago God had promised Abraham that through Him – through his offspring, Jesus Christ – all the nations of the earth would be blessed. We are being enabled to see that blessing more and more.