Good Morning September 6

A physical therapist my wife sees often is also a dear Christian sister with whom we share prayer requests. She told my wife of an incident in her neighborhood this past week. The mother of a young man who lives across the street was taken to the hospital by ambulance. The young man came over to our friend and asked “if she could do that prayer thing” for his mother. He had some vague concept of a god who some how hears our concerns, but probably likens him to Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. There is a whole generation of young men and woman with the same background. Dear Christian friends we have work to do. I don’t ask you to go stand on a street corner and start preaching. That’s not my style either. But the Lord does give us opportunities each day to witness to our life in Jesus Christ. Look for them. Expect them. And be ready to do “that prayer thing” on the spot when it is needed. More will happen in a minute or two of sincere prayer, than many minutes of preaching. Put aside your self consciousness. Don’t worry about the right words. The Lord will give them. Let’s shine some light in the darkness of this generation.