Good Morning September 17

Scripture uses a number of forms to convey its truth. Some things are quite literal, other figurative or allegorical. We don’t set aside our human reason when we read the Bible, but we do need to be careful how we apply it. I ran across one example, perhaps minor, in Psalm 147 verse 4. “He determines the number of the stars, and calls them all by name”.  Well now, we know from astronomy that there are billions and billions of stars. We’ve looked into the heavens and can’t even fathom its magnitude. It is not within human reason to know the full number of them, and to give each one a name – really? But this is Almighty God we are talking about. Is it not possible that such a statement is literally true? How about a great fish swallowing a man, or creating the cosmos in six days? Let’s be careful how much reason we apply to Scripture. Let the Bible be its own interpreter. We weren’t there when creation came into being, nor were we on the boat with Jonah. Our God is a awesome God, and capable of more that we can ever imagine. “Great is our Lord and mighty in power; his understanding has no limit.”(147:5) Let us bow in worship.