Good Morning October 12

This is election season in the U.S., mid-terms for national offices, and many state and local offices as well. In our county there are campaign signs everywhere. People are seeking various positions and declaring that they are the best candidate. In the town where I grew up there was a business man who had made money in construction and now wanted a public office. It didn’t seem to matter what office it was he had his name in.  He marched in every Fourth of July parade, and shook every hand possible. Fortunately, the people never saw fit to elect him for anything, but that never slowed him down. Our elections have become so much centered in self promotion, amounts of money raised, and convincing people that they alone can give them the good things they want. It seems to me that the founders of our republic desired leaders based on their character and wisdom that had been displayed in trials. In Romans 5 Paul speaks of those whose foundation is in faith in Christ, and who have displayed perseverance in trial resulting in a proven character. In other words, God’s training in the individuals life. Maybe we should look for more of these characteristics before listening to all the campaign promises.