Good Morning November 8

Life is difficult. That’s not great revelation. There are a lot of things we enjoy among family, friends, and various activities, but we all face trials in this broken world. When sin entered the world it touched every aspect of life. Sin is a nasty word and perhaps seems to general. What is it? God had a plan, a purpose, a good direction for the world and the people He created, but we had other ideas. We thought we could do better on our own. So we rebelled from God. We broke the good relationship we had with Him. Rebellion from God’s good will entered and infected all parts of life. But something else was there, a depth of love that we have never been fully able to comprehend. God’s love for all people. In that love God refused to let sin be the final word, the end of the story. He dealt with sin in the atoning sacrificial blood of His only Son, Jesus. Some might say that all this is ancient history, so what. But it really is as current as our life today. God’s love in Jesus Christ is the declaration that this sin, this trial, this disaster is not the final word. There is more. There is life, good life, now , in our future, and eternally in turning again to our Lord. Our Lord always has the final word, and it is good.