Good Morning December 11

We’ve all heard the expression “seeing is believing”. Some people make it their mantra for life. Unless something it plainly visible or provable by some kind of method they won’t accept it as fact. But our Lord is asking us to come into a different level of life. We understand this clearly in this Christmas Season. God is asking us to come into a barn with all of its animal smells, look at a poor  new born baby lying in one of the feeding troughs, and worship that baby as our God. We don’t usually paint the manger scene in such rough terms, but that’s what it was. That baby lying in the straw is our God. It doesn’t make sense to science, and it sure doesn’t look like anything we would expect, but that infant is the one true God who came into the midst of our rough world to share with us all of its smells and dung. He came to share our life so that He could bring us into His life. We all go through those unlikely, even very unpleasant, places in life. Whether it looks like it or not God is there. Worship Him.