Good Morning December 24

A man and his wife were vacation in Indonesia. He was standing on the beach taking photos of a volcanic island off shore. Suddenly he saw a wall of water rolling in across the bay. He had to turn and flee inland to save his life. Things can happen in just that manner. Some shepherds were sitting around the evenings campfire guarding their flock on a normal day like hundreds of other days before it. Suddenly an angel of the Lord appeared to them announcing the birth a baby, a very special baby, in the nearby village of Bethlehem. The lives of the mother and father of that baby had been turned completely around by the announcement of that unexpected birth. And that child, the Lord Jesus Christ, when grown promised that He would be coming again suddenly and unexpectedly to complete God’s plan for mankind. How does one prepare for such sudden and unexpected events? I don’t know that there is a particular preparation for a tsunami, but a life lived in a humble and trusting relationship with the Lord is the daily preparation to which we are all called.