Good Morning February 1

A prayer for your day – 

Gracious Lord God, You have created mankind and all that is.  The heavens declare Your glory, and all the earth shows Your handiwork.  The mark of Your life is upon all that exists.  And You have made me.  You knew me before I was born, and created me for Your good purpose.  I have not always sought to know that purpose, or follow it when I did.  Forgive me, Good Lord.  Yet, You have redeemed me through Christ Jesus, and because of Him I can always be restored again to Your grace.  You have given me each breath that I take, and You have given me spiritual breath by the presence of Your Holy Spirit.  You continue to guide my life, and give me strength for every situation.  You have given me family and friends, and material blessings beyond anything I deserve or could earn.  For all of this, Good Lord, I am forever grateful.  My desire is to come ever closer to You, and to give you thanks and praise for all eternity.  To You be glory and honor, now and forever, through Christ Jesus my Lord.  Amen.

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