Good Morning February 25

What is powerful? Nations will talk about their military might. Others may speak of heavy equipment that moves earth or lifts massive weights. We might think of tornadoes, hurricanes, and flood waters. All of these certainly are powerful. However, yesterday I experienced again the most power force on earth or in heaven. The power of love. Yesterday was the final service I conducted at my congregation, followed by a wonderful luncheon. The church was full of dear members, family, and friends. Emotion was certainly there, but the power was the power of love, of God’s love, that enfolded and bound each of us together as one. All other powers are simply forces that work on the outside of a person for good or ill. Love changes hearts and shapes lives at the deepest part of ones being. Jesus had changed all of us who were gathered, as He has changed countless lives through two thousand years since He walked this land. People search for love in many places, but too often find only poor counterfeits or pain. Our God is love, and He is continually extending Himself to us. The shed blood on Calvary’s cross is the most powerful, life-giving, loving act there is. And it was given and shed for you. Come.