Good Morning February 28

In reading through the Old Testament we see God’s call to Noah, Abraham, and Moses to a task He had for them.  In each case they were called to come out of a pagan culture, listen to and be obedient to God, and lead their people into a different way of life. We could also look at the whole nation of Israel, for that was their calling as well. In fact, that is the definition of what Christ’s church is to be – people called out to live a different life in obedience to our Lord. It is not that we are better than anyone else. We are all sinful by nature, but we have been shown a better way of life in harmony with God. The problem with the church today is that, by many measures, it is not distinguishable from the surrounding culture. The walk of each of the Old Testament figures, and in fact for all of us, begins with hearing the call of our Lord to come and follow Him. He has given us His Holy Word both as a declaration of His redeeming love and as a guide in living a life pleasing to Him. It is that life that is to be a witness to the world and draw others to Him.