Good Morning March 1

In Mark chapter 6 Jesus returns to His home town. He had the opportunity to teach the people, many of whom were His former neighbor, friends, or perhaps people He had done work for in the carpenter’s shop. Their response to His message – “Where did this fellow get this stuff?” (My free translation!) This was the carpenter’s son after all. We know his family. Where is this wisdom coming from? It was as if there was a darkness, a blanket over the eyes of their hearts. They couldn’t or wouldn’t let themselves trust what He was saying. That just seems so contemporary to me. We, particularly Americans, but the modern Western world in general, are so set in our own cultural norms, our technological mindset, all dulled by the pursuit of pleasure that our own eyes become darkened to spiritual truth. The god many believe in has to fit within the boxes they’ve  made. When some preacher tries to say there’s more, there’s something deeper, there is a different way of life, the same response comes. Where did he get this stuff? But “this stuff” is very real and a truth the Lord want to open for all  people. There really is much more to life than what our limited senses take in.