Good Morning March 12

In the early days of the Church after Pentecost there was a unity in Christ that bound all the believers together. It says of that time “all those who had believed were together and had all things in common”.(Acts 2:44)  Individuals sold their property and lived as a common community sharing all they had. This is not a model for the Church to continue, but what was important was the unity they had with one another in their common faith. Paul emphasizes this to the Corinthian Church in describing them in terms of a human body each part being essential to all the rest.(ICor.12) Tragically today we are divided into thousands of Christian denominations, and that unity is sometimes hard to see. What was central to that early Church was their common faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and their devotion to the Holy Scripture. Where we can share that commonality today we can support and need to support one another. We will argue about different doctrines, but wherever we can we must support one another in our common faith in Jesus, the Christ.