Good Morning March 26

Since I took a look at the Psalms yesterday I’ll continue today with the next one, number 106. The Psalms are very human expressions of both the good and the bad in people. Psalm 106 has a series of lessons about how God cared for His people, Israel, and how they soon forgot His care and rebelled from Him. I think of that today as some people will see the flooding that wipes out homes and livelihoods, tornadoes that destroy whole towns, senseless killings that take too many lives, and they ask the question “how could a good God of love allow these things? He’s not a god I want to believe in.” But those same people seem to forget the years of providence, of blessings, and of good that God has given. They seem to think that the good is somehow of their own intelligence and ability, while the bad is blamed on God. On the contrary, the fault is all ours. We are sinful and rebellious people to the core. It is this that has broken our world. Any good that exists is purely of God’s grace, and the greatest of that grace is seen in the redeeming sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ. It is only in the light of that grace that we can understand anything in our broken world. Let’s not be those who forget.