Good Morning March 29

Holy Lord you have given your church many men and women of faith who have written hymns to praise you and to strengthen our lives for each day. One of those has left us with the assurance that you give “strength for today and great hope for tomorrow”. Lord, how we need this assurance. Some of what we have to do today is the routine part of living, but other tasks are difficult or even hurtful. We don’t have all wisdom, but you do. We don’t have the strength sufficient for every task, but you do. Thank you for the promise never to leave or forsake us, and for the assurance that whatever we face today that is not the final word. There is hope for tomorrow. That same hymn writer followed this great promise by saying “blessings abound and ten thousand beside”. We have seen your hand of blessing in our lives in many ways over all of our past years. We can only bow in humble worship giving glory to your holy name. Through Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord.  Amen.