Life’s Meaning Ministry is a teaching ministry of Christ Lutheran Church, GerIrv 2017mantown, MD.  Pastor Irvin Stapf has been an ordained Lutheran pastor for 46 years.  He and his wife Audrey, reside in Mount Airy, MD.  Pastor Stapf’s passion is to help people understand the reality of a relationship with Jesus Christ, and how that relationship impacts every part of life.

Pastor Stapf believes that it is important to see the bigger picture of life from God’s perspective. That is, understanding the purpose for which He created mankind; why He desires to dwell among us; why He came among us Himself in Jesus Christ; why we need Christ’s atoning sacrifice; and what it means that He has overcome the power of sin, death and the devil by His glorious resurrection from the dead. We live Not For This Life Only, but for a life in eternal fellowship with our creator. That is why this site is called Life’s Meaning Ministry.

I, by no means, have all the answers to the complexity of human life, and this broken world in which we live. But Holy Scripture does give us some clear insights into God’s truth. The author of this site stands on the veracity of the Bible as the inspired and revealed Word of God, but clearly there is much we all have to yet learn. I am open to any question, comments, and corrections you might care to offer.  We are on the greatest journey possible – life in the love of our Gracious God.

I. F. S.                                                                                                               pastor@christlutheranofgermantown.org


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  1. I would love to reprint some of your posts in our church’s newsletter. If this is acceptable how would you like the credits to read?

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