Jesus taughtPhoto of Book 3 His followers to “love their enemies”, “pray for those who persecute them”, “turn the other cheek”, and to “forgive seventy times seven”. This offends our sense of fairness and justice. It is not want we want to do. It is not what we see most others doing at our work, our club, our church, or even, far too often, in our home. But Jesus did say these things, and He must have meant for His followers to do them. It is so against our human nature, but that is just the point. Our Lord is working in us, by the power of His Spirit, to change our nature into the likeness of His divine nature. Throughout life, God uses all the various circumstances we face to help us grow into the nature of His self sacrificing (agape) love. God’s purpose for us in life is to show others Jesus’ nature of perfect love. That purpose does not end at our life’s transition we call physical death, but in some glorious way will be used by God in His eternal Kingdom. Not For This Life Only explores the work God is doing now to mature us in our Christian life and the glorious purpose He calls us to eternally. God has a depth of purpose for each believer that is beyond anything we can imagine.

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2 Corinthians 4:18

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