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Good Morning – Aug 18

Amos, one of the twelve minor prophets at the end of the Old Testament, was a reluctant messenger, called to speak God’s word to His people. Unlike the major prophets, Isaiah, and Jeremiah, Amos describes himself as a shepherd, and a tender of sycamore trees. He was an ordinary, blue collar guy that God chose to use. Further, he was a southern boy who was sent up north to prophesy against the sins of Israel. That is like a lone Virginian preaching in the streets of Washington during our Civil War. You can imagine that there were many protests in the heart of this young man. But there are times when God calls us to difficult tasks, for which we feel ill equipped, and way out of our comfort zone. You can pray that He ask someone else, but you are there, and the task has been given you. With any call, God never leaves us alone, but gives the strength sufficient for the task. Amos was obedient, and we can be as well.

Good Morning – Aug 12

I sit at my keyboard each morning, pray a bit, look at the Scriptures, and type what the Lord brings to mind.  As you have discovered, there are often a number of mistakes that crop up – like yesterday’s “a long memories”, or last weeks “Goof” Morning.   I read over the paragraph several times, but obviously am not a good proof reader, and at 7 in the morning, I don’t pass them on to anyone else first.   The problem with these mistakes is that they are always caught too late, and then I have to feel the shame of having made them. This is just like sin.  We move forward without thinking, we do something stubbornly or impulsively, something we later regret.  Sin, like mistakes in writing, crop up suddenly, and are only discovered with shame afterward.  Nor can they be retracted once committed.  But, glory be to God for His grace, that those sins were nailed to Calvary’s cross, and are washed clean when we turn in repentance.  Have a bit of grace with my typing, and I shall continue to hit these keys.