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Good Morning November 3

We’ve just returned from four days in Minneapolis. We had one stop each way on our flights out and back, so there were four landing approaches to the various cities. I only mention this because I find it interesting surveying the ground from ten thousand feet. There are cluster upon cluster of house roofs, each no larger than a pinhead. Lines of cars traveling on highways each smaller than an ant. Yet under each of those roofs, and in each of those cars, there are people, perhaps many. Each one a totally different individual with hopes and fears, joys to anticipate, and trials to bear. Yet our God knows each one. He loves and cares about what touches these whom He has made. He is at work on their lives, by the presence of His Spirit, whether they are aware of Him or not. The view of life from that altitude gives a little perspective of the magnitude of our God’s heart. And it opens a bit more of our sense of awe and worship.


Good Morning June 21

Confined in an airplane seat at 38,000 feet there is not much to do but read, sleep, or stare out of the window. I did all of these on a two hour hop to Minneapolis. It is the staring out of the window part that caught my attention. I was looking at the plane’s wing. Mechanical things always fascinate me. I noticed the rivets on the wing’s surface. They were in a very specific pattern. Two parallel rows, four rivets pointing forward, then the two rows took a distinct 30 degree angle going on for another ten or so rivets. I have no idea why, but obviously an aircraft design engineer found a very specific need to place them that way. I can say I’m thankful for that, because it is part of what was getting me to Minneapolis. Just the thoughts of an idle mind? Perhaps, but the intentionality of the pattern means the presence of a very real designer. But then go back one step further, thinking about the mind of that designer. Intricate and more complex than anything in this craft that is holding me up at 38,000 feet. That mind had to have a Designer infinitely smarter than any collection of engineers that put this plane together. Paul wrote that “what can be known about God is clearly visible in the things God has made.”(Romans 1:20) For that Designer I am even more thankful.