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Good Morning March 4

Anticipation, looking forward… this is a part of who we are, and I would also say a quality that God has instilled in us. We start a project, we look forward to its successful completion. We have an illness, we look forward to its cure. We plan a vacation, we look forward to its fun. Anticipation keep us moving forward in life. It is when we feel there is nothing worthwhile ahead that we become depressed and hopeless. Ever since we were forced to leave the Garden there has been the desire, the longing, the anticipation of one day returning to that beauty and perfection. Throughout life we make all kinds of substitutes for ourselves, even drugs and alcohol, but we cannot escape that central desire to return to the peace that only God can give. Our task completions, and cures, and vacations are nice. We all need them, but they are all temporary, and in anticipation of the perfect completion that can only come in our Lord.