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Good Morning


Good Morning
It is an important study to examine the lives of various biblical figures. David is called a man after God’s own heart. This does not mean that he was sinless. In fact, his sins of adultery and murder were terrible, for which he suffered the consequences for the rest of his life. But what was different about David was that in his thoughts and actions he did not follow the expected norm of his contemporaries. Hatred of enemies, revenge for personal offenses, lack of respect for authority when used wrongly, was the expected norm. But David refused those who encouraged him in those directions. He mourned over conditions for which others rejoiced because he knew it was not what God desired for life. He honored and trusted God above all else. His heart was set upon understanding and living the ways of the Lord, and not that of the culture. It is the life our Lord Jesus lived in His world, and why many didn’t understand Him. It is the life God is calling all of us to live. It is not easy in our modern world, but like David, we are to seek God’s nature and be willing to live by His values whether other understand us or not.