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Good Morning October 31

A friend of mine told me of a man who was confined in his house for several weeks, whether by snow storm or whatever, I don’t remember. He had nowhere to go and nothing to do. He made it his project to read through the Bible from cover to cover. Afterward, he said it was an amazing experience. It was like reading a message of love from a father to his children. The man had it right. Too often, we get hung up in the details. We don’t like the harshness of this passage. We find that part confusing. We don’t understand the chronology of events. But we fail to see the Father’s heart from Genesis through Revelation. The Bible is a book about God’s work of redeeming mankind from the sin he has brought into the world. It is about His patient, gracious efforts over all of human history to turn man’s heart back to Himself. All of the details have their place. They are all working together for God’s glorious purpose.

Good Morning August 31

I once had a church member ask me where in the Bible was the verse, “neither a borrower nor a lender be.” They were convinced it was scriptural, but couldn’t remember where. It is actually not scriptural at all, but a quote from Shakespeare. I’m not sure they were convinced, but it brings up an interesting caution for us all. We have certain truisms used in life, often thinking they come from a Bible verse, when they are actually misinterpretation, and even bad theology. It is so easy to do. I’ve done it myself. Certain “truths” have gotten ingrained in our thoughts from years past. We continue to use them without critically thinking through what they mean. This is another reason why the continual study of Scripture is important. God’s Word is true, both Old and New Testaments. We take the whole of the Bible to understand what God is saying to us, and not just a few favorite verses, or read back into Scripture what we think is true. The whole Bible is our guide for all matters in faith and life.

Good Morning August 10

The Bible is a complex and detailed book. We are in the midst of a weekly study of the whole Bible in our church congregation. It will occupy 60 separate lessons and daily reading. Yet, this is merely scratching the surface of what God has revealed to us. But with all of its complexity, the message of Scripture is very simple. God made you. God loves you as His child, and has been working through all of the years of human history to bring you closer to Himself. The Bible is simply the account of our Father doing every necessary for us to have and enjoy our life with Him. When we read the parts of Scripture that seem difficult or inconsistent, they can be set aside for now. They will be made clear in time. The problems we have with the Bible are not from the parts we don’t understand, but with the parts that we do. It is those parts where God is speaking to our hearts, to change us and bring us more deeply into His life. It is the simplest message of Scripture that changes us forever.

Good Morning June 28

How many Bible do you have in your house? I can count at least 20. Four of them are on my desk. I know, I’m the Preacher. I’m supposed to have them, but even so, I suspect you also have multiple copies. There are places in this world where Bible are very scarce. Perhaps one to a community of believers. We’ve heard accounts where Bible pages are torn out, and passed around so each person has a chance to share the Word. In such places God’s Word becomes very precious. One looks forward to receiving the next pages, even memorizing large portions. The problem with our multiplicity of Bible in our busy, affluent culture is that we know the Bible is always there. We can pick it up any time we want, but we are busy, distracted by many things. It is too easy to put it off. This is why foreign people who have very little, often teach us a great deal about the true values of life. God’s Word is food for life. Food that we all need.

Good Morning March 29

A person buys a new car. The car comes with an Owner’s Manual. The manual gives the recommended service schedule, the type of oil needed, various part specifications, transmission and radiator fluids, recommended tire pressure, and so forth. But the new owner say that he has owned cars before, knows how they work. He will take care of the car just the way he wants to. He ignores the break and transmission maintenance for many miles. Come oil change time he decides to put the oil in the radiator fill, and the antifreeze in the oil fill. A silly illustration, yes, but we also realize that the new car will not be on the road for very long, and the joy that it was supposed to bring is completely lost. Now parallel the illustration to the Bible, God’s Owner’s Manual for life. It is not a book of laws prohibiting us from things we want to do. It is a set of instruction leading us to the best joy we can have in this life. It is a Book of God’s gracious will for our lives, and worth reading regularly.

Good Morning – Aug 6

The Bible is given to us to learn about the Lord and His grace, but especially to learn about ourselves, what is in our own hearts, and the directions that will take us.  The Bible doesn’t try to hide the sins and outright evil that people commit.  The Book of Judges records many of the ups and downs of the people of Israel.  Numerous times it says that  everyone did what was right in their own eyes.  Through Moses, God had given them the law and their pattern of worship.  He had come to them to lead them into the best life, but too often they would have none of it.  “Everyone did what was right in their own eyes.”  This sounds familiar because it is where we are today.  The Lord has come to us in Jesus Christ.  He is “the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6),  but we want our own way.  Until we are willing to yield to Him, and to “seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness” (Matthew 6:33), we will only find confusion and destruction as ancient Israel did.