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Good Morning December 22

Franklin Roosevelt once said that the “business of America is business.” I’m not opposed to competition and free enterprise. I was in business myself for 30 years, but I do get tired of the merchants advertising blitz, especially this time a year. Three quarters of my new e-mails are advertising! We complain when Americans don’t save enough, and when they save, we complain when they don’t spend enough. We have made the dollar, or the euro, the central guiding principle of life. We have also become soft and selfish, not wanting to give up any portion of our benefits for the common good. I certainly don’t believe that the answer is another government program. In fact, I don’t see any answer, because the answer is not on the outside. It is on the inside, a change to human hearts, and governments can’t accomplish that. The only change to the heart comes from the Child that was born 2000 years ago in a Bethlehem stable, the One who said “you must be born from above, by water and the Spirit.”(John3) Until the Lord returns, that only happens one person at a time. This truth is the greatest gift each of us has to give in this Christmas Season.