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Good Morning Selptember 29

I think about the cars we’ve had. The current vehicle is one a long series of cars over the years of our marriage. Today we have power windows, AC, remote door locks, and a few other bells that previous cars didn’t. With each trade we’ve gained a few gadgets that weren’t on previous ones. And then we think back, “How did we ever live without air conditioning, or endure having to lean over the passengers seat to crank down that window if we wanted it open?” (Yes, kids. Car windows used to have cranks on them!) But we did. Our life might have been a bit more difficult, but we survived, and it didn’t really hurt the quality of our life or the joy we had. This picture can be extended to many areas of life, and should help us meditate upon what is really important. What does our Lord say is central to life? “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.” (Matthew 6:33) And that doesn’t depend upon powered car windows.