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Good Morning October 17

It’s interesting to watch one or two year old children with birthday or Christmas presents. Once the package is open they often set the toy aside and are more interested in playing with the paper wrapping or crawling inside the box the gift came in. They don’t realizes the cost of the toy, all that it might allow them to do, or the fun they can have with it. A lot of times people are like those children. Jesus told the parable of a king giving a wedding banquet for his son. It was magnificent. Everything was prepared, and servants were sent to call the invited guests.(Luke 14:15f) One by one the guests began to make excuses. They were too busy, they had important business to attend to, and so on. Jesus extends to all people the greatest invitation possible. In His own life He has done everything necessary to share His joy now and eternally. Yet far too often people are more interested in playing with the boxes and wrapping than the gift itself. Let that not be so among us, and let us show the joy of Jesus’ life to others.