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Good Morning October 13

My remark yesterday about America not being a Christian nation meets opposition from some people. We are a nation of many Christians, but we must be clear about what a Christian is. The word is thrown around too easily, and is claimed by many people who seek to live a moral, upstanding life. Seventy plus percent of people in the U.S. take the title Christian for themselves. But a Christian is one who believes in the divinity of Jesus, that He is God incarnate come among us, and further, that His death on the cross was an atoning sacrifice for our sins. It is these two beliefs that set Christianity apart from all other world faiths. Christians seek to be moral people, but there are many moral non-Christians. The divinity of Jesus, and the atoning sacrifice, are central to our faith. It is important that our nation was founded by God honoring men, but they are not the source our salvation. That is found only in Jesus Christ.