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Good Morning May 23

Our power was out for a few hours over night. Usually not a big deal since we were sleeping anyway, but I was still concerned because we depend on a sump pump to keep the basement dry. Having had it flood twice before when power was out, I didn’t want to see it again. Well, it did come on after about three hours with no problems. I’ve been in Tanzania twice where power is often on half a day at best, and your never sure which half. We become so accustomed and dependent upon our electric power that we find ourselves at a real loss without it. Whether we realize it or not there is another power upon which we are absolutely dependent, the sustaining grace of our Lord. He determines the length of our days and hold our very breath in His hands. And this says nothing of the prayers we continually offer looking to Him for care and help. If we would ever be separated from His power that would be a clear and total picture of hell. I am thankful for our near 100% availability of electrical power, but I worship the One who has never withdrawn the power of His sustaining grace from us.