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Good Morning October 4

The Seminary I attended was in the middle of a Civil War battlefield. At the back of the property between the seminary and a farm field was a split rail fence I called my praying fence.  It is where I would go when I was having a particularly difficult time. There was one day I remember going out to sit on my praying fence. It was winter, cold, gray, and all matching my mood for that day. I don’t even remember what the problem was at the time, but I sat on the fence praying, and probably complaining, to God about whatever it was. After a while I happened to look down on the frozen ground at the base of the fence. There was one tiny pink flower poking out of the otherwise barren ground. I had to break out laughing. “OK, Lord!  If You can cause that little flower to break through the frozen ground, then you can see me through this day and the next.” And He did. And He has now for past fifty year. Not many things in life go exactly as we plan or would like to see them. Yet those little pink flowers keep popping through. God does not abandon us. He hears every prayer from our praying fences.

Good Morning November 11

Our next door neighbor has an invisible fence around his yard. It is a small gauge wire buried beneath the surface of the grass. His dogs wear a collar that can receive a signal from the wire. If the dogs get too close to the wire they get a slight electrical shock as a warning. They learn where they can go safely and where they cannot. God has given us a similar warning mechanism. But in our case it is He, Himself, in the person of the Holy Spirit dwelling in our hearts. This is more than just conscience. One can dull or kill their conscience. One can resist, or refuse to listen to, the Holy Spirit, but we cannot kill Him. We cannot stop Him from loving us or seeking by a variety of mean to guide us in the right way. We may choose to live in the pig pen as the Prodigal did, but we cannot stop the Father from standing on the home porch grieving, watching, and praying.(read Luke 15) Such is the love that our God has for each one of us.