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Good Morning January 30

It is almost time for the Super Bowl. People have their favorite teams they root for. I’m always interested to watch the fans at these events.  Fans will do the most outrageous things to support their team.  Painted faces, strange wigs, and other head gear, hold up signs, and wave banners, all manner of jumping, arm waving, and shouting.  The excitement over a good play pours out of the crowd.  I wonder why we can’t get that excited about the things of the Lord.  We don’t have to paint our faces and put on funny hats, but when we realize all that the Lord has done for each of us, it should bring a thrill to our hearts, an expressions of praise to our lips.  “Oh! but we are in church.  We have to be dignified.”  Jesus got excited.  When the disciples came back from their mission to the towns of Israel reporting all that had happened. The text says, “At that time Jesus, full of joy through the Holy Spirit,” prayed…  The word translated “full of joy” really means “jumped for joy”.  He saw his people beginning to take hold of God’s truth, and was excited.  We do things “decently and in order” in church, but raise your hands once in a while in praise.  When you have a chance to pray aloud, let  the expressions of your heart glorify God.  No football fan should have anything on us.  We have the greatest God of all!

Good Morning December 20

We are in the second half of the football season. Teams are vying for a spot in the playoffs for the Superbowl. Some interesting things happen beyond the skills of individual players. Good teams with strong records will lose badly to much poorer teams, and visa versa. A team with a dismal record will knock off a top contender. We say that one team “wanted it” more. Something was inspired within them to overcome the odds. There is a lot to that, and for many aspects of life. One day Jesus asked a paralyzed man, “Do you want to get well?”(John 5:6) It seems like a foolish question, but it isn’t at all. Getting well for him meant a complete change in his way of life, a life he had gotten used to over many years. Did he want that? Do we want something enough to lay everything on the line for it, accepting all the changes it will bring? This really is the challenge the Baby in the manger bring to all of us. Jesus ask the question of His followers many times, Do you want Me above everything else? A sports team does it for the glory of the win. Jesus invites us into the glory of His life.