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Good Morning April 20

Christianity has an image problem in the world. The world understands power, action, accomplishments. Christianity calls for humility, trust, self-sacrifice. The world knows how to live by laws. Christianity declares that faith is the way to life. World religions come to God by doing, by changing one’s self. Christianity says that God did for us what we are incapable of doing for ourselves. Christianity is by no means devoid of actions. Throughout history Christianity has been in the forefront of combating hunger, caring for the sick, ending slavery, saving lives. These are not works to gain favor with God, but works of gratitude for what God has first done for us. The Christian Gospel says that, of our own nature, we are incapable of pleasing God, but by the willing sacrifice of God’s Son He has paid the penalty for our old nature, and has freely given us His righteousness. He sets us free to live and serve in the world. I said it was an image problem. This is foolishness to the world. But “the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength.”(I Corinthians 1:25) In God’s wisdom and strength we have life, and a life that serves others.

Good Morning January 265

When someone is writing an important paper, it usually starts with a draft copy. It then get edited and refined. Language is clarified, and phrases are sharpened to better express what the writer wants to convey. It is that same refining and clarifying process that our Lord is doing in each of us. We are God’s creation. He made us, and called us to be a part of Him through Christ Jesus. Throughout our life He works to mold us into His image, into the nature of Jesus. The difference between us and a manuscript is that we can resist the Refiner’s hand. Yet, in His patience and persistence, He continues to work in our life, and has given us the promise that He will not stop until we are complete. This is an ongoing and daily process. Let’s look with anticipation at how our Lord will work in us today.

Good Morning November 7

When we make up our bed we have a couple of extra fancy pillows we put over top of the regular ones. Someone once asked what the point was, since they serve no functional purpose? No, they don’t. We never use them to lay on, but they do look very nice, and that is the point. They make the room attractive, and this gives enjoyment when we enter the room. This can be carried to extravagant extremes, but the desire to make and to have things beautiful is part of being created in the image of God. Why do we work to have flowers around the yard? Why do we enjoy a freshly painted room? Or even the satisfaction of just getting rid of the clutter that has collected on the counter? It is the way God has made us in His image. It says a great deal about who God is. Our God is a God of beauty, of goodness, and of life. He has put these desires within us, which will find their ultimate satisfaction in His kingdom. The enjoyment of beauty is only one of many aspects of life that points us back to the Giver of all life.

Good Morning January 5

One news line this morning says that some actress was offended by something in a film. A prayer request came for someone in an accident. I received a number of well wishes on my birthday. These are all unconnected events, but they have the common factor that these are things people do. These do not come from robots, or puppets. God has made us thinking, feeling, caring people, intended for relationships, being interconnected with other thinking, caring, feeling people. And since God came among us in the person of Jesus Christ, that thinking, feeling, caring relationship includes Almighty God. This is a wonder and a joy. Such things as offenses, concerns, well wishes, and much more are present in our relationship with our Lord. God made us in His image, that we can relate to Him in love, and through that love to all others He has created.

Good Morning

We, i.e. much of society, spends a lot of time and money worrying about what others think of us. We spend billions of dollars on clothes and cosmetics, hair preparations and jewelry. We all want to look nice when we go out, but so much value is placed upon presenting a good image. It really doesn’t matter how we compare to others, or what they think of us. The only thing that really matters is what God thinks of us. God’s value is a heart that is clean and presentable before Him, but that is something we really can’t accomplish, try as we might. It is something that He has done for us in Jesus Christ. God has said, “I love you. I have given the atoning blood of My Son to cleanse your heart. In Him you are perfectly acceptable to Me.” We hope others like us, but God has demonstrated His love and acceptance of us in Jesus Christ. No other opinion really matters much.