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Good Morning February 15

The opening line of Psalm 108 says, “My heart is satisfied, O God.” I think that is a wonderful expression. There are many things we would like to see happen in life. There are many things we plan for and strive for. Motivational experts tell us it is necessary to set goals in life. And all of that is fine, but above it all, our ultimate satisfaction is in our God. If nothing else ever comes to fruition, we can still be satisfied that our God has called us to be in fellowship with Himself. The priests of ancient Israel were not given an inheritance of land with the rest of the Israelites. God said to them, “I am your portion and your inheritance.”(Nu.18:20) God knows we need the basic things of life, and He provides them. It is fine to work toward the things we desire. But our God is our portion in this life, and in Him we can be satisfied.

Good Morning January 12

In their better times, ancient Israel was faithful to the Lord. They worshiped, they sought the Lord’s direction for their nation, and they followed it. Aliens from foreign nations would sometimes come and join Israel. Their laws taught them how to treat aliens with kindness. The aliens might come because they saw the good way in which Israel lived. They desired something better for themselves. When foreigners came they were guided in the ways of the Lord. Israel was willing to accept and respect foreigners, but they were not willing to change the values by which they lived, values that had been given them by God for their good, and that had worked for their blessing. Unfortunately, they began to accept the values and religions of these foreign peoples, mixing wrong practices with their own. It would take some years, but destruction always followed. How easy it is to forget the lesson of the Psalmist: “The plans of the LORD stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations. Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, the people he chose for his inheritance.” (33:11-12) Take some time today and read all of this Psalm.