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Good Morning September 15

When I was growing up polio was a horrible scourge for many children. We would see pictures of kids laying flat inside of an iron lung because the disease had made them unable to breathe on their own.  In 1955 Dr. Jonas Salk found a vaccine that ultimately eliminated polio from much of the world. He was hailed worldwide as a miracle worker. Can you imaging what would happen today if a researcher found a cure for all cancers.  That name would be a household word. It would be front page news in every paper. The Nobel prize would be given along with whatever other accolades the world would muster.  These illustrations point out that the size of the honor is in proportion to overcoming the seriousness of the disease. Every human being is infected with the most serious disease called sin. It is a disease that eternally separates us from our Holy God. But a cure has been found. It is in the sacrificial blood of Jesus Christ who atoned for the sins of all mankind. Those recipients of the Salk vaccine did nothing for it. They were very grateful receivers of the gift medical science gave. So too, we have done nothing to receive the forgiving grace of our Lord. We can only fall before Him in grateful thanksgiving. When we realize the deadly seriousness of the disease, we highly honor the One who brings the cure. Jesus is the name above all other names.