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Good Morning August 3

My wife and I enjoy looking at lighthouses. There were quite a few built along the Chesapeake Bay in the early 1800s to aid navigation. Many were manned by a lighthouse keeper, often with his family, up until the 1960s when most were automated. The history of these men, their families, and some of the trials they faced is quite interesting. Their efforts guided and protected the lives of many sailing these waters. Churches are to be like those lighthouses. Many, in fact, have that in their name or take it as a symbol for their ministry. In John 9:5 Jesus refers to Himself as the light of the world, and, in turn, He speaks of His followers as lights in the world.(Matthew 5:14) We live in a time when that light is desperately needed. The Prophet Hosea said that his people were stumbling both day and night. They were being destroyed for lack of knowledge.(4:5-6) God has given us His revealed Word. It is our food, our knowledge, our light for life. We need to receive light from that Word daily so we can be a light for others.