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Good Morning September 9

While waiting in the eye doctors office not long ago I looked at the magazines in the rack. There was a men’s magazine on top. It was one that was supposed to portray the look and interests of modern men. Everything there seem to portray power, success, and the macho man who had everything under control. I thought, how much our society has lost what it means to be a man as God created him to be. Terms like humility, meekness, and love are completely misunderstood. A man is to be ready for great challenges, but the greatest is to lead his family by sacrificial love. A man of God has his eyes set on the goal of God’s Kingdom for all those God has put in his care. He is faithful and self giving to his wife and children. He is the provider and protector. He is the spiritual leader. He is also a fun guy to be with because he knows the joy of the Lord. He is strong in character, but doesn’t have to prove anything with worldly success. He is humble because he know he doesn’t have all the answers and is dependent upon the Lord and Godly friends. This is a man of God, and far stronger than any macho image the world portrays. It is the image into which we seek to grow as men of God.