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Good Morning May 4

I read an article last night about mission work in one of the poorest African countries. The works of feeding and caring for people are accompanied by evangelism, worship, and prayer. The work also attests to many miracles of healing, which have been independently verified. One visiting evangelist compared the work there to that in Canada and the U.S. He remarked that he had seen a few healing miracles in these countries, but in this African ministry people were heal almost 100% of the time through prayer. I had also heard this, some years ago, about ministry in an Asian country. We always have many questions about this, but I think the contrast does point to the fact that we are too sophisticated, too educated, too skeptical to accept anything on simple faith. It is what Jesus found when He tried to minister in His home town, and “could not do any miracles.”(Mark 6:5) Jesus invites us to use our faith, even as small as a mustard seed, and not block it with our sophistication.

Good Morning March 8

All the people at the Temple “were filled with wonder and amazement at what had happened to him.”(Acts 3:10) A crippled beggar was healed at the entrance of the Temple in Jerusalem, and the people were amazed. We would be, too, but we really shouldn’t be. God is actively working around us and within in continually. Oh, yes, we want to pray a prayer, and see someone healed immediately. God does do this on occasion, but it is not His major work, nor is it a proof of His love and care. His care is shown by His daily activity in each life. Do not ever discount this. He is working in your circumstances for your good. He is changing your heart to look to Him, and trust Him more. You are not the same person you were a year or five years ago. God has worked a miracle to bring you closer to Himself. He guides you in thought, word, and action many times each day. This truly is a great miracle, and we should continually give Him praise.