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Good Morning April 29

One account coming out of all the unrest in Baltimore is that of a mother going into the midst of a group of youth beginning to loot a store, dragging her son out and taking him home. There is no easy solution to the things that are happening in a number of our cities. And certainly there is enough fault to go around. But maybe this mother gives us a clue to where we’ve gone wrong in building our societies. The fault is not just with one racial group or one part of the authority structure. As a whole people, we have denied that our first rebellion has been from the will of the God who created us. We have failed to give Him the honor due His name. We have ignored the truths He has given to govern both the family and society. Above all we have denied our need for the only Saviour who alone is the way, the truth, and the life. No, no easy solution to the unrest we have created, but a starting place is in repentance and prayer. And it sure wouldn’t hurt to support mothers and fathers like that one in Baltimore who had enough courage to put herself in danger for the sake of her child.