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Good Morning October 6

Have you ever heard of Nahum? Probably not. But actually one of the books of the Bible is named after him. Having three short chapters toward the end of the Old Testament, he is one of the so called minor prophets. We know nothing about his life except that he was called by God to speak a message of repentance some 600 years before Christ. Like other of the prophets he may have been an ordinary working man that God called out for a particular mission. Also, like other prophets, it was probably not something he wanted to do, but he was willing to be obedient to His Lord. Nahum shows us that one doesn’t have to have a great position in the world, great wealth, great learning, or great influence. God simply looks for people who are willing to say “yes” when called. That call may not even be to bring a prophecy to a great nation. It may be to just speak to a neighbor, or serve in a community task. God simply looks for those who are willing to be faithful in the love of Christ. In that we are all like Nahum.