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Good Morning October 7category Good Morning[

When NASA builds a satellite the work is done in a clean room. It is a pressurized room so that no contaminates can get in from the outside. The workers wear suits to cover their clothe as well as head coverings. The smallest contaminating particle in the wrong place could destroy a billion dollar mission. That is what sin does in our lives. All sin, even the smallest, puts a block between us and God. It destroys a part of our relationship. A NASA worker dare not say, “just this little bit of dirt is not too bad.” Nor can we say that about sin. At times we try to justify ourselves by saying, “well, no one is perfect.” But too often we use this as an excuse for compromising with God’s values, and allow wrongs to slide by. Jesus gave His life to provide forgiveness and cleansing for all our sin. Whenever we turn to Him in repentance, He forgives. We are made clean to begin again. In humility and repentance we stand against sin, and are made clean.