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Good Morning May 24

Yesterday I remarked that the judges ruling in the court reminded me of Jesus’ words from the cross, “It is finished”.  Jesus taught by using many parables, real life stories that pointed to greater truths of the Lord. Life really should not be about trying to grab a few useful fact and moving on. Sometimes those facts are needed, but even more we need to look around thoughtfully at the world we live in.  God, the Holy Spirit, is constantly active in life revealing the good and the bad, what honors God and what does not, where people can share joy and where they hurt and are in need. That insight is not gained from a computer screen, but from meditating upon God’s Word, and observing the life surrounding us. God speaks in many ways constantly seeking to draw people closer to Himself. 

Good Morning July 6

In the last couple of days I’ve use illustrations of a church organ, a July 4th celebration, and a fireworks display. There are many parables in life. It is why Jesus told so many stories of very common things that the people knew well. The point is that many things in life point us to our relationship with the Lord. Paul wrote that what can be know of the Lord is clearly visible in the things He has made. God has revealed Himself in His holy word, and we share His presence in the blessed sacrament. His Spirit seeks to open our hearts to His life and nature in many things we encounter during our days. Ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and it shall be opened to you, Jesus told the people on the mountain side. Let this be the desire of your days, and keep your eyes open. You will learn more of the truth He has for you.