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Good Morning December 31

Getting older, New Year’s Eve has lost some of its appeal. It has been some years since I’ve seen the ball drop at midnight. We enjoy an earlier party with friends, and then go to bed. I like the system my 6 year old grandson’s class used. They counted down the noon hour, and had a little celebration. What is it that we are celebrating anyway? The date change is really just a reason to have a party. At the turn of 1999 to 2000 everyone was in fear of computers crashing. Now we are hoping that 2011 brings in a better economy, more jobs, and a better housing market. We have hopes and desires for the coming year, but all of our times are in the Lord’s hands. Each new year, even each new day, is an uncertainty. We walk forward, with Christ Jesus, into whatever the year holds for us. Like a child gripping his father’s hand, we walk forward in security, no matter whether the path is rough of smooth. So, enjoy your evening, and try not to stay out too late!