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Good Morning September 24

A loose leaf Bible! Sounds funny doesn’t it? but that is the way many individuals and liberal Christian denominations are treating the Bible. Or to use another illustration, let’s think of a book editor. Some years ago I worked with an editor on a book I published. The editor would look at sentences or paragraphs, making changes or suggesting things be removed entirely. I was happy with the final result, but that is not the way we treat the Bible. It is true that the Bible was written by 40 different individuals over a period of 1500 years, but it is one book, all 66 individual chapters. It is a book inspired by God’s Spirit and remarkably consistent from Genesis through Revelation. It is a book that reveals the nature of the human heart, and the truth of all God has done to cleanse and redeem those hearts. There are parts that make us uncomfortable because they are speaking to our rebellious nature, but we don’t have the right to throw pages away, or edit pages out that we don’t like. We take the Bible as one book, and see what God through His Spirit is saying to us.